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Amsterdam calling!

D-Mars, o homem por trás de projectos como Micro, Double D Force ou Rocky Marsiano, vive actualmente em Amesterdão, cidade a partir de onde desenvolve uma extraordinária actividade como membro da organização não governamental Up To You Too. O mais recente projecto em que D-Mars está envolvido passa por um apelo internacional para produtores que possam estar interessados em remisturar faixas do MC de Nairobi Goreala. Os detalhes estão abaixo:

“METAPHOR ZA MTAA (street metaphors)”

About Goreala and Metaphor Za Mtaa

On the violent streets of Eastlands Nairobi – the slums, the ghettos, the poor and the corrupt – a new MC grew to be known as Goreala.
Metaphor za Mtaa is his second release, succeeding the popular demo 1961. It is a testimony of life in modern day African cities. On the album Goreala collaborates with his fellow Kenyan MC Projekt and the French producer/DJ Boula One. It was conceived and recorded in the ghetto studio Ragz2Records, a project supported by the Dutch organization Up To You Too, especially founded to nurture talent from the ghettos. The studio developed the artistic quality of the artists and created visibility around the issues of slum life.
The songs talk of survival, crime, paid love and street politics. The combination of the straight forward lyrics and Boula One’s dope beats has provoked great reactions from those who have heard the music. BBC Radio 3 host Charlie Gillett has played the album tracks many times and the album was charted in the World Music charts.
All proceeds of Metaphor za Mtaa will go back to the MCs, studio and social projects that help slum youth earn a decent living. Metaphor za Mtaa is the 1st release by Penya, the label that Up To You Too has founded as a result of this album.
For further info, please check:

About the remix project and Penya/ Up To You Too

The idea is to put together a remix version of this album, involving various producers from different European countries, as a way to support Goreala directly and raise funds for a future album.
Backed up by the Nairobi label Penya and the Dutch non-governmental organization UpToYouToo, this remix project has a strong social emphasis. All the sales revenue generated by this release will go back to the artists and the Penya/UpToYouToo social local projects.

Project phases:

Recruiting international producers for the remixes

Production, mixing, mastering

Releasing the project digitally and as a CD

For further info on Penya/UpToYouToo, please check: Up To You Too & PENYA

Esta info surgiu precedida deste email:

This e-mail serves as an open invitation to all producers to participate in this unique remix project that has a strong social emphasis. We need your support and creative input.
All the general info is cited below. For further, more detailed info, please contact D-Mars on . Even if we are relying on your good will, there is a simbolical producer fee for everyone that becomes part of the project.



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