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Patrick Cowley & Jorge Socarras

As águas agitam-se em torno de Patrick Cowley, um dos meus produtores favoritos, de quem há grandes novidades para o mês de Outubro. Edição de «Catholic», na Macro (texto sobre o disco aqui) e homenagem organizada pela Mama Calizo's Voice Factory onde algumas das suas ferramentas originais, como o equipamento mostrado acima, estará em exposição.


On October 18th, 2009, Honey Soundsystem and Mama Calizo's Voice Factory will host Megatron Man: The Life and Times of Patrick Cowley an early evening event celebrating the life of a musician who we have bonded over and has influenced us on various levels including our sound, aesthetics and cultural upbringing in San Francisco. Often credited as the American Giorgio Moroder, Patrick's legend has become a symbol for a time when free love and technology would come together to forever change the social landscape. On this evening we come together to celebrate the journey and genius of Patrick to appease all the disco spirits of so many like him who fell victim to the AIDS crisis during the early 80's.

A little background: In the late 70's into the early 80's, inside a music studio tucked away in the back lots of downtown, a handsome young man slaved away in a room full of synthesizers perfecting sounds that would transcend history and continue to resonate today. Outside of this studio was a city experiencing a cultural renaissance fueled by electric nights on the dancefloor in the midst of a burgeoning queer rights movement.

Patrick Cowley, a 30 year old savant who started his career as a lighting technician at a popular dance club to producing highly acclaimed hi-nrg disco tracks and Billboard Chart toppers, is the individual we are celebrating on this special night. On the eve of what would be his 59th birthday we will be honoring our sonic mentor with a celebration and memorial to the life, music and legend of Patrick Cowley. Additionally, this will mark as a precursor to the release of Catholic, the very same week, a previously unheard collaboration between Patrick and Jorge Socarras of Indoor Life.

Please join us in any way that you can to help celebrate our hero and our city by participating in either physical or inanimate form. The event will occur during the late afternoon at Mama Calizo's Voice Factory and feature various rarely seen artifacts from Patrick Cowley's days as well as video screenings and keynote speakers who were well acquainted with the man of the hour giving revealing insights about his life's murky history and a glimpse of San Francisco in the early 80s.

Finally, we will be hosting an open call of submissions for Cowley inspired works from fans all over the world to create a living and breathing exhibit that showcases the past, present and future of Patrick's influence. As far as content you can send us what ever medium you are comfortable with be it musical, graphical or textual. Even better, if you have old photographs, letters or anything else relaying the spirit of Patrick--send those in, we'll gladly accept digital copies as well.

Links: The Life & Times Of Patrick Cowley

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  1. Nota 10 para o patrick tenho alguns singles e discografia completa com remixes mega mix e participaçoes e co produções infelizmente ele morreu de aids.

    Peter Cerrone